Mizo Miscreants Construct 2km Road on Assam Border, Erect Camps; Forces Beef Up Security

Following alleged incursion by miscreants from Mizoram with support of Mizo police inside Assam’s territory in French Nagar and Paglacherra of Cachar district has left villagers of the area in deep shock and fear.

Assam forces have beefed up security and barricades have been made to stop any further encroachments. Miscreants have built roads inside Assam’s territory nearly up to 2 km which has shocked everyone. Along with this several camps have been erected by them on the encroached land.

Despite infiltration, as of now, no confrontation between Assam and Mizoram police forces has been reported. The situation seemed tense as the land on which they have started constructing roads belongs to Assam, but the ownership rests with Mizoram people who at one point of time voted for Assam’s election and enjoyed every privilege.

Amid rising tension, miscreants have kept several people from the Hindi-speaking community to guard their land, but, in return they want their lands to be annexed within Mizoram. This debate and confrontation have resulted in the deaths of six jawans of Assam police forces on July 26, this year.

Taking cognizance of the matter, the Assam Government had sent senior ministers to Izawl for an amicable resolution and neutral forces guard both sides of the border. Though there have been appeals to maintain a status quo on both sides, with such incidents it is hardly reflected on the ground.

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