180 people killed in 3 months of vaccine

Another news has raised the health department as well as the general public while the fear of the third wave of covid scares the health department. According to the latest data that alarmed the people of the state, 72 per cent of people who died of covid in the last three months did not take covid vaccine. Health According to this information released by minister Keshav Mahanta, 631 people died in Covid from August 10 to November 10. 451 of these people who died did not take the vaccine. However, 180 of them took covid vaccine but in Corona. He died of an attack.

It may be recalled that this alarming news does not naturally alarm the people of the state when the health department starts mega vaccination to provide covid vaccine in the state. This information also worries those who do not take covid vaccine. According to the health minister, 89 of the 631 people who died in the last three months who were taking vaccine took the first dose and 91 took the second dose vaccine. 90 per cent of those who died were elderly and suffering from various complex diseases. Mahanta said in this context that covid vaccine is a safety device. So this safety cover should be taken by all. Taking vaccine can prevent the occurrence of corona from getting complicated. Hence, the health department has given utmost importance to taking covid vaccine.

The point of concern is that unlike the health department claiming Corona Vecchin as a safety shield, 91 of the 180 people who died in the last three months were people who took two doses of vaccine. However, how many of these people were suffering from complex diseases, That has been a test subject. Meanwhile, 322 people have died of corona in the last three months at Guwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH). Out of these, 227 were non-vaccine-infected people. This was disclosed by the health department. The data makes it clear that the number of people dying in Corona without taking vaccine is high.

GMC H superintendent Avijit Sharma said, 71.04 per cent of the people died in GMCH without taking vaccine. Amid this fear of corona, the recent terror of The G.K. virus in different states of the country has also alarmed the people of the state. The issue has alarmed. During this time, Health Minister Keshav Mahanta assured the people of the state that the health department is fully prepared for the infection of The Jika virus. He said that the infection of the virus is also in Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh after some dreaded infection in Kerala. The refore, the Health Department has started all preparations to prevent infections. The Union Health Ministry is also very excited about the transmission of The G.K. virus in the country. Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandavia held a video conference with health ministers of each state on Thursday to discuss the preparations of the states in terms of covid vaccination and transmission of The Jika virus.

251 victims, 7 killed in The Courona on Thursday
The state continues to have a code infection. Today 251 people have been affected by the crorena. At least 251 people have been diagnosed positive for the 29,898 people who have tested for the cockpit on Thursday. The rate of the victim is 0.63 per cent. 130 of the victims are from Kamrup city district. On the other hand, 7 people have died of a disease on this day.

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