11 cow smuggled from crashed truck in Tezpur at night…

Cattle are being smuggled to different parts through Tezpur amid security cover by Assam police. It was during this time that illegal supply of cattle by truck came to light even after a truck crashed in Tezpur. It is alleged that such cows have been smuggled through Tezpur by collecting cows from various places in Sonitpur. Police managed to recover 11 smuggled cattle after a truck met with an accident in Tezpur last night after Sonitpur police managed to recover the smuggled cattle a few days ago.

Note that, The 12 wheeler truck number AS23CC 0304 heading towards Tezpur from five miles near Tezpur city passed in front of The Local Barghat police station at high speed around 11pm last night. Such speed of the truck at night. The truck followed on suspicion of police. The truck then lost control of the car while finding Dolabari intersection on National Highway 37 (a) and fell into the roadside. Five people in the truck fell into the roadside during the incident. There were others who fled the spot before the police reached the spot. The police managed to rescue 11 cows who had come out of the fallen truck.

The truck was reportedly a tinsukia in an investigation conducted by the police in the incident. Moreover, this morning a man claimed to have bought these cows at five miles market and informed the local police that it was brought down in Vomoraguri. Try to get the seized cow from Nagaon very cleverly. Police have registered a case against the incident against Waoa. According to police sources, cattle bought from five miles of market are stored in khanamukh and later storing cattle in such a manner while the interdistrict smuggling of cattle is officially closed. These sabotage groups have been resorting to various tactics.

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