In Tezpur, four bighas of land of a family that did not leave land were given to the pond of land mafia and land brokers

A man from Tezpur who was self-reliant through fisheries has caused an outcry among the unfortunate family over the death of fish worth several lakhs of rupees due to a land mafia and a land broker circle giving poison in the pond. It is alleged that a man named Yaki Ali of Uriamguri in five miles near Tezpur city had been earning a living in a pond in Chari Bigha through fisheries and giving compensation to the family.

But in the meantime this morning the family members broke down in tears when they saw a large number of frogs floating in the water along with a variety of fish from one side in the four bighas pond. Meanwhile In this regard Yaki Ali and family alleged that land brokers Nurjamal and Bahrul were behind the fishing in the pond. Baharul allegedly wiped out tezpur court and touted the land along with Nurjamal bank. The duo signed a contract with Yaki Ali against the two points of land in a bank to take a loan.

Accordingly the man was very worried to learn that the two brokers had told various people that he had purchased two stories of Yaki Ali who had been fraudulently signed a contract for four years. On the other hand, the two brokers somehow manage to grab the land taken from Yaki Ali and threaten the family in various ways to leave the place. Not only that but a few days of purb also beat up the family members in their homes. What is surprising is that in relation to the incident The family is extremely disappointed that the Ajikopati police have not taken any action even after Yaki Ali lodged an FIR. Meanwhile, the family alleged that Nurjamal and Bahrul had threatened Yaki Ali to go to their homes and give him land two days ago and said that the fish in the pond had started dying after that. It may be recalled that the land scam in Tezpur is the only one that has been hit by police and administration negligence and land brokers are still able to survive in this way.

This incident has completely exposed the form of sonitpur district administration in a way. On the other hand the fact that the family has been threatened by the land brokers to leave their homes in this way has evoked a strong reaction among the local people as well. In this case the unfortunate family has joined hands with the government administration and sought justice.

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