Again Paresh Baruah’s threat

Paresh Baruah will assess what he has left with a long struggle with a uncompromising mindset at one time. The people of Assam have carefully observed the government and alpha independent status while the environment was created for the proposed peace talks. There is also no doubt that spending a long time in the name of dialogue will zero in on the entire process as other rebel organizations in the past.

The North East advocates fruitful discussions of the Government of India with ULFA independent or other rebel organizations in the North East. The region has been neglected from all angles politically, socially and financially. The castes and communities before independence had their own identity with India at one point of time, but that old history remained.

The revolutionary trend that this regret and deprivation has registered has already proved that it cannot be eliminated with military force alone. Even if it does not participate in the revolution, the support and moral approach of the common man towards this struggle is always positive and the machinery is also forced to look at it in a different way.

Paresh Baruah is now a talked about name. There has been a mixed reaction to his approach and the various problems and positions taken in the national question. For his supporters, paresh barua means everything is right, that the idea may not be taken by the media or the general public. But his overall assessment reflects that there are no people who can warn the nation by speaking like him in the interest of the neglected nation.

Many also feel that it is necessary to take a similar strategic position while going to lead this long-standing struggle even though the strategic position has raised many questions about his revolutionary sattva from time to time. That Paresh Baruah must have acquired a lot from experience and time. His sense of nationalism arising in his thinking as well as his determination towards freedom make the nation think even if it is once to be aware of these things.

None above criticism. All parties have some limitations and obligations. That responsibility also applies to the media. But if people like Paresh Baruah make a different sense of the news served by the media, generalise it in the overall sense and change it to a threat of fear, that move cannot be supported for any reason.

Recently, The ULFA Independent led by Paresh Baruah became very vocal towards a senior journalist in the Assam media. The warning given by ULFA Swatantra through a statement in harsher language but reflected another vengeful image against Paresh Baruah’s revolutionary mindset. It is natural for people to have such ideas.

Captain Rummel Assam’s statement issued by ULFA Independent on November 22, 2021 has nothing unusual in questioning journalism. Because journalists cannot please all parties. ULFA Independent chief Paresh Baruah must understand how difficult it is to make extreme threats like death to journalists if one side is angry.

ULFA Independent Naraj on a news story. Therefore, there can be no objection to expressing their anger and displeasure with the media that broadcasts that news. What is the point of asking a journalist to take any kind of approach against him or against him at any time by last warning him about that anger and resentment.

It is not easy to show this determination in the face of such a clash ing environment with the responsibility with which the Assam media had to report. Many journalists in the state were harassed by the conspiracy of the state. Similarly, revolutionary organizations that speak to the people in a revolutionary manner, to introduce nationalism by speaking to national interests, are also examples of people involved in the media being targeted on various charges.

In such a context, the media has been considering it a sign of responsibility to deliver news in a fair and accurate manner. In that way, fear or bias against someone’s grievances, even if someone hurts the neutrality of the media and its freedom, it also becomes dangerous for the nation.

It is true that Paresh Baruah has been expressing his position, his comments openly in direct contact with the media. He even acknowledged the role played by the media in critical times. On the basis of a report, Paresh Baruai or ULFA Swatantra is trying to challenge the neutrality of journalists by giving a last resort to journalists.

In some things Paresh Baruah even speaks out. His determination and sincerity towards the national struggle are swallowed up by other issues. On that revolutionary path, there are gradually some questions that Paresh Baruah does not even have an answer to. If paresh baruah sees such criticism or criticism somewhere as opposed to threatening when ever he gets a chance, then his acceptance increases if he responds with self-realization in a different way than a warning.

The general public must also have the right to question Paresh Baruah. However that question needs to be reasonable and relevant. There may be a lot to avoid along with criticism. But the mindset of criticizing journalists if interests are disturbed in the eyes of the colonial ruler is not desirable from Paresh Baruah at least.

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