Strict instructions from newly appointed deputy commissioner: Increased fare will not be taken from passengers in Guwahati

Pallava Gopal Jha as chairman of regional transport authority has taken strict action against passenger vehicles charging more than the prescribed amount or increased fare from passengers in Guwahati city after taking over as deputy commissioner of Kamrup city district. Even newly appointed Deputy Commissioner Pallava Gopal Jha himself took the lead and launched a drive against vehicles charging enhanced fares along with the enforcement inspectors of the District Transport Officer (Enforcement) office of Kamrup City district as well as enforcement inspectors They have been directed to launch a drive against such vehicles.

On the directions of the Deputy Commissioner, even today, the Enforcement Inspector, Assistant Enforcement Inspector and Enforcement Servants led by District Transport Officer (Enforcement) Himanshu Kumar Das carried out a surprise operation at Six Miles and Sanmari. During the operation, 24 city buses, magic and e-rickshaws charged increased fare from passengers were seized. Similarly 35 cases were registered in this regard.

District transport officer Himanshu Kumar Das informed that the drive will continue against passenger vehicles charging higher or increased fares than the prescribed fare from passengers in violation of motor transport laws.

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