Power department’s case in Boko: Electricity connection in the name of unaddressed people, electricity connection to 200 shops in one kW meter

Reports of electricity connection in the name of an unaddressed person have heated up the atmosphere in the area due to the incident involving the officer staff of the Boco sub-division of the state government’s electricity department. According to the information received, power connection is going on under Boco Revenue Circle as per meter number APO 51193 in the name of an unknown Gajendra Lal Rava in the land area of Dakwapara village as government grading reserve. But the bill is being introduced as a faulty meter. But the matter of the matter is that the said faulty meter is Running as a personal or domestic connection.

It may be recalled that some people have been running a large daily market by connecting electricity to about 200 shops on domestic meters. The unidentified Gajendra Lal Rava is also addressed in Barpara village. The market is currently underway in Dakwapara village. The news has heated up the atmosphere in the area but the departmental authorities have not given any importance. This has also become a mystery.

How is the power connection running in 200 shops or 200 commercial centres in a kwmeter in the name of individuals. This is also a kind of mystery. On the other hand, it has also become a kind of mystery as to what documents are being collected and power connections are being carried out on government land and greying reserve land Meanwhile, some regular electricity bill paying customers complained to this reporter that a large number of documents should be submitted to get a new power connection. But it has also become a remarkable issue as to how the people of Barpara got to get electricity connection in Dakwapara on government land.

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