The eminent poet Nilomoni Phukan has to sit on the gyanpith

Gyanpith to eminent poet Nilomoni Phukan
The third is gyanpith Butan Aaya as Assamese.
This banyan is for him for a lifetime of pursuit.
He has a far-reaching impact on symbolism and pictorialism in Assamese poetry.
His notable works are ‘Surya Heno Aahe Yeh Nadiyedi’, ‘Kavita’, and ‘Pink Jamur Lagna’.
Phukan was born in Dergaon in Golaghat district of Assam.
He received his master’s degree in history from Guwahati University in 1961.
He started writing poems from 1950.
He joined Arya Vidyapeeth College in Guwahati as a professor in 1964.
Retired in 1992.

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