Assam youth goes to Goa for employment, miscreants brutally kill him half way

Another Assamese youth had to go out and die in the state for work. Tanmay Nath, a resident of Mohanpur village in Hailakandi district, was killed by strangers on the border between Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka on his way from Assam to Goa (GOA) for work.

The covid and lock down changed the lives of many. Many youths have now had to go out in the state in search of a livelihood as a result of the lock down.

A youth named Tanmay Nath, a resident of Mohanpur village in Algapur constituency of Hailakandi district, left for Goa on a train for work last Monday.

But after reaching Andhra Pradesh, some unknown miscreants started chasing him last Wednesday night. Tanmay informed his wife Champa Nath and mother Swapna Nath over phone. But it was then that the mobile phone stopped the youth. It was then reported at home that Tanmay’s body was found on the track of a railway station in Karnataka on Thursday December 9.

It was only after receiving this news that mourning prevailed in Mohanpur village. Tanmay’s family is now in mourning after losing the only son in the family.

Apart from mother and wife, Tanmay Nath has two daughters aged 4 and 5 years. In such a situation it has become almost impossible for the family to go to south India and bring the body. For which the family has sought the help of the government and hailakandi district administration to bring the body..

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