Today is “SWAHID DIWAS”! 855 Brave martyrs remembered across the state

Today is swahid diwas. The people of the state have paid homage to the brave martyrs who died in the Assam movement. The martyrdom day is being celebrated every year on 10th December, the day of this day, in memory of 855 martyrs who have dedicated their lives in the six-year Assam movement. The Assam movement is the Assamese people’s movement against illegal immigrants from 1979 to 1985. It is considered to be one of the strongest movements of independent India. On December 10, 1979, Khargeshwar Talukdar was martyred with his life for the largest mass movement for Assam and Assamese.

It was only after this incident that the movement that first started non-violently took a violent turn. As a result and 854 people had to die in the Assam movement.

The Day of The Prisoners is being organized in different parts of the state in honour of these prisoners. Ashur centrally celebrates The Day of The Saheed in Nalbari. The AGP has also organized a special programme to offer respect to the soldiers at the Anniversary Celebrations in Kalakshetra. Malarpan at his statue paying respects to the saheed Khargeshwar Talukdar.

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