Deadly road accident in Baradi near Barpeta city: Young woman killed on the spot

A road accident took place on Monday evening in Baradi near Barpeta city. A young woman was killed in the accident. The slain girl is said to be Sufia Parveen of Damaljhar village in Palhaji. According to information about the incident, As 01 EH 9930 Swift Desire car came from the opposite pin and hit a scooty while coming towards Barpeta at a high speed.

As a result, the scooty was completely broken and the critically injured scooty driver Sufia Parveen, a young woman, was rushed to Barpeta Medical College hospital but the girl breathed her last. Some eyewitnesses said the Swift Desire hit the scooty, trying to overtake an incoming car.

Some eyewitnesses said the accident occurred due to the mistake of the driver of the Swift Desire car. 108 cars were reported to take the injured girl to the hospital but the girl was taken to a rickshaw due to delay in 108.

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