Sensational incident in the city’s Jorabat: Killing of young woman in front of mother

The girl left with the alto. She left the market with her mother to fetch two blankets, two small buckets and some house items. The market didn’t go. A young man drove the car that the girl had gone halfway through. The girl was first told with a dagar in her hand – name from the car.

The mother and another young woman were in the car. The girl’s mother saw the boy’s ugly look and later explained that they would meet him. The boy then wanted the mobile in the girl’s hand. The girl gave the phone to the boy when her mother was asked to give him a phone call.

The boy took the phone in his hand and threatened the girl to get out of the car again. The girl broke the glass of the car with a sharp weapon in her hand from the car and placed it around the girl’s neck. This is how the life of a young woman ended. The incident happened suddenly. The boys then fled the spot.

The boy wanted to marry the girl. According to locals he is known as a naughty and aghaitang boys at the site. The killer was subsequently nabbed by the police. The murder took place in front of the mother. Upupupi Maa had to narrate this unfortunate story

The news of the murder has now become like normal news. The police, the law, the courts seem to be not afraid of anybody. Guwahati city has become a crime city. With the commissioneration of police modernising Guwahati and the idea of smart police has no atmosphere to be assured now.

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