Rs 99,999 a kg: What makes Assam’s Manohari Gold tea special

At more than 1.5x the cost of a kilo of silver, Manohari Gold tea is the most expensive tea sold at an Indian tea auction to date.

Silver was trading at Rs61,729 on MCX on December 17.

Of course, we have heard of specialty teas that fetch high prices at special auctions before. These are seldom bound for retail shelves, and sometimes – just sometimes – create a ripple that travels far beyond the small set of tea industry watchers and connoisseurs.

Manohari Gold tea sent out such a ripple earlier this week, when it sold for a record price of Rs 99,999 per kilogram at the Guwahati tea auction – the highest price fetched by a tea in Indian tea auctions.

Indeed, it has been a hot favourite at special auctions since its debut in 2018. In previous years, Manohari Gold tea has sold for Rs 39,100 per kg in 2018, Rs 50,000 in 2019, and Rs 75,000 per kg in 2020.

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