Three containers including 87 smuggled cows seized in chngsari: One arrested

Assam police have been challenged by cattle smugglers. Smuggling is continuing on National Highway 31. Smuggled cattle are supplying syndicate rackets with nine tricks without dust ing the eyes of the police administration. Kamrup Police seized 87 smuggled cattle, including three containers, last night after a truck was seized on the night of December 29 and a truck on january 1st. Newly appointed in-charge police officer Tarun Talukdar said, The operation was carried out on the basis of a tip-off that kamrup district headquarters DSP Kalyan Kumar Pathak was immediately led by the officer in charge himself. One of the accused involved in cow trafficking was arrested but the rest fled taking advantage of the darkness.

It may be recalled that as-01 CC-0343 from Bodhbari in Tezpur towards Meghalaya, As-01 CC-8542 and AS-01 CC-8259 were seized by police teams at Tollgate in Madanpur while supplying smuggled cows. After crossing the tollgate Police suspect that the police left the remaining two vehicles on the highway while conducting a search at a container and handed over the supplier’s escape. After the attack, the police seized the cattle-filled vehicle and brought it to the police station. Police seized 87 vehicles in three vehicles. Go-Dhan. In the last one week, The Sangsari police have seized 5 vehicles involved in smuggling of go-dhan and the total number of cow money is 133. In the meantime, 11 accused involved in the incident have been arrested.

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