Government land valuation to go up in all urban areas in Assam

After eight years, the State government has decided to enhance the minimum government land values in all urban areas in the state. According to the draft on land value enhancement, the hike will be 50-250 per cent varying area wise.

The government has sought public opinion on this through the deputy commissioners. After getting public opinion, the government will fix the new rates.

According to revenue officials, the government value of land is Rs 15 lakh per Katha in the Noonmati area in Guwahati. The government wants to hike it to Rs 60 lakh per Katha. Likewise, the government wants to hike the rates at Jalukbari to Rs 37 lakh per Katha from the existing Rs 8 lakh, to Rs 45 lakh per Katha from Rs 25 lakh at present in residential areas in the Ulubari area, up to Rs 22 lakh per Katha in the Sunsali area from the existing Rs 15 lakh, etc.

Though various quarters reacted to the move sharply, official sources said that the market values of land in urban and commercial areas go up rapidly. The prime aim of the government is to augment revenue collection. In the case of land deeds, the government gets three per cent as stamp duty and registration fees. These two amounts depend on the government land value. If the government doubles the land value, the revenue earning of the government will also double.

Official sources say that even as there are government rates of land area-wise, people sell or purchase such lands at much higher rates. The current government land value in the Noonmati area is Rs 15 lakh per Katha. However, it is an open secret that people sell or purchase land in the area at over Rs 50 lakh per Katha. If a person can buy a plot of land costing Rs 50 lakh per Katha, the person can also pay some revenue to the government, official sources opine.

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