Father and son arrested with drugs in Jagun, Tinsukia…

Father and son arrested with drugs in Jagun, Tinsukia.
Police anti-drug drive Jagun’s story in Sema village.
Pangeri and Lekhapani police are capable of seizing around 13 grams of drugs and 5 container.
The two detained fathers – sons Arun Nirmalia and Rahul Nirmalia respectively.
A reliable source led by Margherita subdivision police officer Pengeri and Lekhapani police raided the house of arrested Arun Nirmalia last night and in a police operation all the five containers including 13 grams of drugs were recovered.
According to the publication, the two fathers and sons had been deadly drug dealers for a long time.
Meanwhile two fathers and sons of drug dealers Lekhapani are in the police net.

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