Truck crashes into Swift Desire at night in Boko: One killed in hospital…

The tragic death of a man in a fatal road accident in Boko in Kamrup district on Thursday night has created a sensation. According to the incident details, the SWIFT desire of AS-01/BM-4829 coming towards Boko on National Highway 17 was hit at a high speed by a truck number NL-01/AE-7151 coming from the opposite direction at around 1 pm last night in the section under Boko police station. As a result, Swift Desire driver Anupam Banikya (28) was seriously injured. Anupam Banikya was admitted to GNRC in Guwahati Amingaon overnight but the driver died in the hospital around 2am on Friday. Driver Anupam Banikya’s house is reportedly in Shakti village no. 2 in Boko.

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