Assam: Stray Tiger Captured in Borsola, Sonitpur

The forest officials on Wednesday captured a tiger in the Sonitpur district of Borsola village which strayed away from the Orang National Park.

As per reports, the tiger that was roaming openly in Borsola village of Sonitpur district was captured and imprisoned which had been deviated from the Orange National Park has created a state of fear and distress among the Borsola villagers.

Notably, the tiger lost its way from the Orang National Park in search of food.

The tiger who has lost its way was wandering and roaming around the Borsola villages like a local street dog for several days.

Though the forest department and officials tried to trap the tiger as soon as possible the tiger didn’t come to their hands and they failed to capture it.

Further, the people of Borsola village were unable to come out of their house and commute openly due to the scare of the tiger.

Eventually, on Wednesday, the forest officials could ultimately capture the tiger and the people of Borsola village got relief. The forest department stated that the tiger was captured in the first attempt only.
Now the tiger was given a dose to calm down and was sent to a confined area with a thorough health check-up. Based on his heath report the forest officials said that either he will be sent to the forest again or he will be sent to the zoo according to his health conditions.

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